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Photos by James Randall Smith



Exhibiting at the Sacred Sexual Music Festival is a great opportunity for your company to feature its products, services and resources.


You will have access to sexual health professionals, researchers and practitioners who use and recommend your products and services. 


If you would like to rent a table and share YOUR info and products at the Sacred Sexual Music Festival - Prince George, please see below.


Reach the people that want your products at this innovative festival.

The venue is an open area where musicians, experts, sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, and attendees can interact and network. Tables are provided around the perimeter of the Hall.

BE a part of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival!


BE a part of the transformation ...

If you would like more information about vending or building a customized sponsorship package, please contact Wendy DeMos at


To take part in the Prince George Sacred Sexual Music Festival, please read the following and send your response email to


August 28, 2022

noon to 9 p.m.

Set up is (ideally) from 11 a.m.. to noon the day of the Festival

Share YOUR info and products at this forward-thinking Festival. 

There are a limited number of tables.


           * Please bring ALL your own accessories, i.e., table cover, lamp, extension cords, everything!



SEND email to and share:


1) NAME of company and list of products you wish to sell

2) YOUR email

3) YOUR Address

4)  Type of table you'd like:


i) Large Rectangular (about 2.5 ft x 6 ft)                                    4 LEFT!

YOU PROVIDE. Bring your own table.                

$100 for the day    ($120 if you need an electrical outlet.)                  


ii) Small square table  (24" x 30")                                               3 LEFT!

We provide.                

$90 for the day    ($110 if you need an electrical outlet.)                  

iii) Small square table  (24' x 24' or smaller)                                 4 LEFT!        

You provide. Bring your own table.                

$80 for the day  ($100 if you need an electrical outlet.)                   


iv) Massage table                                                                          1 LEFT!

Bring your own massage table.                  

$100 for the day

v) Chair massage                                                                          1 LEFT!

Bring your own chair massage apparatus.

$80 for the day

PLEASE send payment to 

OR e-transfer to


YOU will be contacted and your table finalized. (If you don't hear back within 48 hours, please contact Wendy Cobina DeMos by Facebook messenger or Instagram message.)

In Sacred, Sensual Solidarity,

WENDY DeMOS & the Sacred Sexy TEAM

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