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- We aim to create a safe and joy-filled space for attendees to explore and learn about consciousness, love, and sexuality within a framework of conscious and beautiful music.

- You agree to take responsibility and act with integrity and accountability with regard to your existing relationships and any connections you may engage in at the festival.

- Be clear with yourself and others, and communicate your personal boundaries in a way that is clearly understood.

- Feel free to sit out if you wish to not participate in an offering of a hug, or any exercise suggested in any of the workshops or talks.

- Presenters, organizers, vendors, staff and volunteers are expected to represent the high integrity of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival throughout the duration of the event, and to act supportively, professionally and with sensitivity to all participants.

- Communicate with clarity, act safely and with kindness and consideration to those who may have less experience in the field of personal development and sexuality.

- People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome to all presentations.
The aim of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival is that of music, education, community, and celebration. Please join us in creating a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for everyone.

Provide information, music, and experiences through
Sacred Sexual Music Festivals to uplift and help us
remember our sacred bodies ..
our sacred minds ..
our sacred innocence.

Facilitate sexual well-being experiences and services through Sacred Sexual Music Festivals -- each one dedicated to transforming lives through enhancing sexual well-being.


Does your city or town need a 

Sacred Sexual Music Festival to bring more 

information, joy, love, respect, and

awareness around our 

sacred bodies and life force energy?


"This event was one of the most fascinating, informative, and beautiful festivals I have ever been to!"

~ Mandee George, photographer

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