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Questions and Answers about the

Sacred Sexual Music Festival 

Q: Where is the Festival located?

A: The yearly GLOBAL version of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival (SSMF) is located online, accessible from your wifi connection anywhere in the world.

Ajijic, Mexico, was the location of the last IN-PERSON Sacred Sexual Music Festival held on April 16, 2023.


Q: Who organizes these Festivals?

The lead organizer is Wendy DeMos, a Vancouver, Canada musician who understands first-hand how music and art support learning and healing.


As a consultant and editor of books about sexuality and well-being, Wendy delights in bringing forth the sensuous, artistic, heart-full, dancing, wild, juicy YOU!


Also onboard each year are support people such as Francesca Gentille, a professor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology and an initiated shaman who inspires transformation through the science and soul of sexuality.

She is a quoted expert in books such as Esther Perel´s State of Affairs, Dr. Judy Kuriansky´s The Idiot´s Guide to Tantric Sex, co-author and editor of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit, and contributing author to The Jealousy Workbook: Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships.


As well, meet, a social media platform from Vancouver, Canada that combines connection, an e-commerce marketplace, and a search engine -- all while focusing on wellness, sustainability, and community.


Q: How do I access an ONLINE festival?

The ONLINE version of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival is available via Zoom on your computer (best) or phone.


You will receive your link to join Zoom once you register.


To register for either the ONLINE or IN-PERSON Festivals, see



Q: In which time zone do you broadcast the ONLINE version?

We usually broadcast from Vancouver in Canada, which is Pacific time. Here is a time zone converter for your convenience:

Remember, if you cannot join us on the Festival's live virtual version, the recordings are available for 30 days after the Festival as part of your ticket price. 

Q: Why does sexuality need paradigm shifting?


In the wake of the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein era, we aim to bring respect, delight, and reverence for our sacred bodies and contribute to a future where we are more at peace with the power and innocence of sex.

In so doing, suffering is transformed, and people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive. Respectfully. Consciously.

We aim to create a safe and joy-filled space for attendees to explore and learn about consciousness, love, and sexuality within a framework of uplifting, beautiful music.


Q: How do you intend to shift the sexuality paradigm?

By transforming the way we talk about sex, we introduce a new communication standard that supports sexual well-being.


Providing information, music, and experiences through Sacred Sexual Music Festivals educates, uplifts, and helps us remember our sacred bodies .. our sacred minds .. our sacred innocence.


Q: Why a MUSIC Festival?​

Music touches us and inspires and invites us to open our hearts.

This sacred sound surrounds the talks, workshops, and classes to help us go deeper. It relaxes us. It invites healing.


It supports our bodies as it supports our sensuous and sensory experiences.


Q: I've never been to such an event. Will these Festivals offer anything to me?​


We offer a diverse group of presenters who cover a variety of interests. Whether you've never attended an event about sexuality or you are savvy in the world of pleasure, relationships, and well-being, there will be something for you.


The presenters will touch your heart and open your mind to new ideas to add to your life.​


The Sacred Sexual Music Festival is a place to shift the existing sexuality paradigm to one that is shame-free, thoughtful, loving, and creative. 


We guarantee aha moments!



Q: I'd prefer to attend the ONLINE version anonymously. Is that an option?


Of course! It is always up to you. 


You don't even have to turn on your camera. 


Use your real name or use a pretend name. Choose a name representing who you will be after the weekend once you've processed the information and heart-opening you'll receive at the Festival. 


Perhaps pick a power name like XENA! Or THOR! ​ 


Let's revel in delight and creativity. Let's celebrate your new vibration as your heart and mind transform and open through a Sacred Sexual Music Festival experience.



Q: May I bring friends or my partner to the ONLINE version?


Sure! Make it a weekend learning party!​


Buy one ticket, sign in, and everyone in your room can watch, listen, and benefit.

Q: What about children? Can they attend?

Because our topics are mature, the minimum age to participate in any Sacred Sexual Music Festival is 18 years.


Q: Will there be nudity?

There won't be nudity at any Sacred Sexual Music Festival. The intent is to be a safe and welcoming space that is comfortable for everyone.

Though there may be a presenter or two that is scantily and tastefully clad!


Q: Anything I need to bring?

We'll have some movement exercises like yoga and dance so comfortable clothes would be best.

For the ONLINE version, move furniture around to create space to dance.

Invite your friends, learn together, and make it a party! 


Q: Will the classes, workshops, music, and demonstrations be recorded? 


Yes, everything is recorded on the ONLINE version.


With your registration, you can access all presentations for 30 days after the Festival as part of your ticket price!



Q: It sounds fantastic! Where do I register?


We're SO glad you're joining us!  


Visit to register. ​​

"This event was one of the most fascinating, informative, and beautiful festivals I have ever been to!"

~ Mandee George, photographer

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