Sunday, April 19, 2020


St. James Community Square, corner of Trutch and 10th Ave. in Kitsilano, Vancouver


info talks, workshopclasses, and music


            Enjoy a front-porch WELCOME  with Morgan and Bon Dos ... 

Treat yourself!

Allow Morgan and Bon Bon to make you feel right at home.

Enjoy some tea and smell the flowers while you set your intention for the day. 

Prepare your body, spirit, and mind for the upliftment to come.  


You're now ready to enter the loving and safe Sacred Sexual Music Festival ...

Learn about the  THE SACRED SPOT  in the SSMF balcony school

Learn about  SEMINAL KUNG FU  in the SSMF balcony school 


ENJOY body painting - and dancing! - by Fabi. Painted by ?        


1  pm           Lover's Caress with Harp & Bass

1:30 pm      Opening Ceremony with Peter D. Cooper

1:40 pm      Body Prayer led by Kasandra Jewall  

1:50 pm      Lover's Caress with Harp & Bass

2:20 pm      YOUR Sacred Spots talk with Chenoa Bhakti

2:30 pm      See the Light in Your Sexuality with Julia Goudkova

2:40 pm      Activate Your Primal Energy using Kundalini Yoga with Mahan Khalsa

2:55 pm      Hungry for Transformation?  talk with Steven Seva Roland  

3:15 pm      5 Ways to Heal Your Feminine/Masculine talk with Uni Sea Urchin

3:20 pm      Chant Your Heart Open with Wendy DeMos (feat. Anne Leader & Nathen Aswell)

3:50 pm     Orgasmic Birth  talk with Morgaine Owens

4 pm           Sex Trade Abolitionist Turned Somatic Sex Trainer with Wendy Scheirich

4:10 pm      The Importance of Pelvic Floor Strength talk with Sheryl Watson

4:20 pm     Sacred Blood: Celebrating Menstrual Wellness talk with Corinne Underwood

4:35 pm       Laughter Yoga class with TBD

4:40 pm       Exotic Chair Dance class with Jaitara

5 pm            An Informative Moment with TED Talk's Amy Color

5:10 pm       Apparatus to Alleviate Painful Sex talk with Lisa Archibald

5:20 pm       Sex and Aging: Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You talk with Olivia Jade

5:30 pm       Blessed Booty Shaking class with Lisa Archibald

5:50 pm       Sexuality & Spirituality Experience with D'Arcy Bruning-Haid

6:20 pm       What's Next for Men? talk with Ryan Thomas

6:40 pm       The 4 Pillars of Sexual Sovereignty talk with Bliss Prema

6:55 pm        Sexual Health for Men talk with Ian Faulkner  

7:05 pm       Gershone Hendelberg

7:50 pm       Playing with Power Dynamics demonstration with Sonya Braich

8:10 pm       Transgender Stereotypes talk with Velvet Steele

8:25 pm       The Slower You Go, the Faster You Arrive talk with Keith Bosworth 

8:35 pm       Will Blunderfield 

8:50 pm       One Woman Theatre Piece with Kamile Kapel               

9 pm             Sacred Sounds 

9:45 pm       Prayerformance Ritual 

9:55 pm       Closing Ceremony with Peter D. Cooper

kissing you with musical kindness

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