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Joseph is a certified Somatic Sexological Bodyworker and educator who helps his clients to not only attain greater ecstatic states of sensual pleasure, but he also helps to resolve  blockages.

"Sexual trauma, premature ejaculation, shame, lack of knowledge of genital anatomy, dependence on pornography for sexual arousal," he explains, "are just a few of the ways blockages are created."


He supports his clients by using breath work, body movement, and pelvic floor exercises, along with Taoist techniques and client-guided genital and anal massage.


Joseph is also an apprentice of the shamanic way of life, embracing Toltec philosophy and practices as the foundation of his path of the heart. And, within this shamanic learning, he connects with the spirit world where Joseph journeys to other dimensions on behalf of his clients to help them heal and find peace.


As an apprentice with the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society within the Red Lodge Longhouse Program and having also received teachings, ceremony and healing from Jade Wah'oo Gregori, Joseph truly embodies loving presence as the core of his practice.

SEXUAL CARE       $150 per hour


SPIRITUAL CARE   $75 per hour

To schedule, please contact Joseph at:


call him at (431) 200-3065

Please send etransfer to

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