Sacred Sexual Music Festival - Online

April 2 & 3, 2022


10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST)

LIVE in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

(Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver)

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver (PST)

10 am - 6 pm

New York, Toronto, Miami (EDT) 

1 pm - 9 pm

London, England (BST) 

6 pm - 2 am

Find YOUR time zone


Watch it live or watch it later!

Make it an event at your home! Everyone can watch and learn!

During the live version, join a Q & A with each speaker

COLOR CODE: info talk, workshopclass, demo, & music
(The SCHEDULE is a work in progress. Times, speakers and titles may change.)

APRIL 2, 2022


10 am          WELCOME!
10:05 am     Chant Your Heart Open!
10:15 am     Words of Wisdom with Amy Color 
10:45 am     Making Space for Hard Conversations with Steven Roland
11:30 am     TBD
12 pm          4 Keys to Liberate Your Pleasure 
with Vireo Karvonen
12:30 pm      Music Moment - LUNCH 
1 pm             Heal Your PSOAS. Heal Your Life with Dr. K.H. McNiven
1:30 pm        TBD  
2 pm             Humour & Healing with Karen Munro-Caple
2:45 am        Music Moment
3 pm             Heal Using the Taoist Jade Egg with Tamarah Blossom 
3:30 pm       TBD
4 pm              Polyamory with Kamala Devi?
4:30 pm        Music Moment
4:35 pm        TBD
 pm        TBD
5:45 pm        Chant Your Heart Open!
6 pm             A peaceful evening to you. More tomorrow!  

APRIL 3, 2022


10 am            Blessed Booty Shake with Tamarah Blossom
10:30 am      TBD
11:25 am       Music Moment 
11:30 am       Mom/Daughter Talks About Sex with Erin Delaney
12:30 pm      Sonya's Sexy School with Sonya Braich 
1:30 pm         Music Moment - LUNCH
2 pm              Find Sexual Solutions with Supplements with Ian Faulkner  
2:45 pm        TBD
3:45 pm         Music Moment
4 pm              TBD

4:30 pm        Butt Plugs for Prostate Health with Will Blunderfield
5 pm                Freedom from Porn Addiction with Will Blunderfield
5:30 pm        Will Blunderfield                     
5:40 pm        Chant Your Heart Open! 
6 pm              Aho. Closing. Time well spent.