Sacred Sexual Music Festival - Online

April 16, 17 & 18, 2021

April 16 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (PST)

April 17 & 18 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST)

LIVE in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

(Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver)

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(Times, speakers and titles may change.)

APRIL 16, 2021


6 pm            WELCOME!

6:05 pm      Chant Your Heart Open!

6:10 pm      Heal Your Psoas & Expand Your Sexual Essence with  Dr. K. Hope McNiven

7:05 pm       MUSICAL Break

7:15 pm       Therapeutic Kink with Dominic Lord 

8 pm              The Sacred Sex Worker - Healing the World with Chenoa Bhakti

9 pm            Sleep well. Prepare for a full and fabulous day tomorrow!

APRIL 17, 2021


10 am          Kundalini Yoga with Guru Karam Kaur

11 am          Sexual Organs Reflexology Zones with Tamarah Blossom 

11:45 am    The Sacred Voice - The Link Between Vagina & Voice with Anna Beaumont

12:30 pm    Anna Beaumont

12:45 pm    Orgasmic Birth with Morgaine Owens

1:45 pm       Presence & Pleasure with Sheryl Watson

2:45 pm       Chant Your Heart Open!

3:30 pm       Holy Sexuality with Canela Michelle Meyers

4:15 pm      Playing with Power Dynamics with Sonya Braich

5:15 pm       Will Blunderfield sings (& info about butt plugs!

5:30 pm      Zen Meditation with Rob Inglis  

6 pm            A peaceful evening to you. More tomorrow!         

APRIL 18, 2021


10 am           Blessed Booty Shake with Tamarah Blossom

10:15 am      What's Next for Men? with Ryan Thomas  

11 am            How to Talk to Teens About Sex with Erin Delaney

11:45 am       MUSICAL Break 

12 pm           THE Sacred Spots with Lisa Archibald

12:45 pm      Sexual Solutions for Natural Men with Ian Faulkner 

1:30 pm        Chant Your Heart Open!   

1:45 pm        Tantric-O-Energy with Mare Simone

2:30 pm        Numerology and Sexuality with Joseph P. Ghabi

3 pm                    When Sexual Energy Arises in Therapy with Gyan Amin

3:45 pm        MUSICAL Break

4 pm              Let's Talk LIBIDO! with talk show host and sex therapist Sue McGarvie

5 pm              Chant Your Heart Open!              

5:30 pm        Closing Meditation with Joseph P. Ghabi

6 pm              Aho. Closing. Time well spent.

Let's introduce a new communication standard that supports sexual well-being!

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