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Sacred Sexual Music Festival



1685 3rd Avenue

Prince George, British Columbia   CANADA


  Sunday, August 28, 2022

noon - 9 p.m.


Stay all day  ..  Stay for just a bit

Our host for the day is Krista Nova!

info talks, experiencesclasses, and music


12 pm           Beth Halo!

1 pm             Blessed Booty Shake led by April Ottesen

2 pm             Soul Gazing  with Krista Nova

3:30 pm       The Divine Feminine and Pleasure with Carla Wainwright

4:30 pm       Beth Halo!

5 pm             Paint Your Yoni/Lingam and Heal with Beth Hanson

6:30 pm       Puja Ritual  with Krista Nova

8 pm             DANCE!  

8:45 pm       Closing Ceremony with Krista Nova

9 pm             HUGS!

                                                          Time well spent  <3

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