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Centre for Spiritual Living, 7621–101 Ave., Edmonton, Canada

Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020

info talks, workshopsclasses, and music

Stay all day  ..  Stay for just a bit 



noon                Mitchell Smith

12:30 pm        Opening Ceremony with Darin Keewatin

12:40 pm        Sexuality and Spirituality talk plus Q & A with Rev. Yvonne Racine 

1:10 pm          TBD

1:40 pm          Cheryl Dalmer on Harp

2:20 pm         TBD    

2:50 pm           Seducing Your Inner Muse workshop with M. Jane Colette

3:50 pm          Chant Your Heart Open! with Wendy DeMos 

4:45 pm         How Important Is Pelvic Floor Strength? talk with Sheryl Watson

5 pm              Benefits of a Yoni Egg Practice talk with Lisa Letwin

5:25 pm         The Vagina and the Voice workshop with Anna Beaumont

6:25 pm         Anna Beaumont

7 pm              Blessed Booty Shaking class  

7:30 pm         Join a Men's Group! talk with Jack Johnson 

7:40 pm         Shame Busting!  Experience with Vireo Karvonen     

8:30 pm        Deborah Bortscher and Sound Circle    

9 pm               HUGS! 

Food Truck will drop by and park on the side street 

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