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  Sept. 27, 2020

Location TBD

Stay all day  ..  Stay for just a bit

info talks, experiencesclasses, and music


noon                Winnipeg Community Kirtan

12:30 pm        Opening Ceremony with ?

12:40 pm        Stilt Burlesque led by  Emi Lovely (aka Emily McDougall) 

1 pm                Winnipeg Community Kirtan

1:40 pm          Healing Sexual Trauma talk with Alana Dayne

2 pm                Sex Trade Abolitionist Turned Somatic Sex Trainer with Wendy Scheirich

2:20 pm          Exotic Chair Dance class with Nicole Mapu 

2:40 pm          Chant Your Heart Open with Wendy DeMos 

3:15 pm          Wheel of Consent talk with Jasmine Michelle

3:35 pm          Partner Yoga class with Stephen Pennicook

4:20 pm         Invoking the Sacred - Shamanic Experience with Joseph Fedorowich 

5 pm              Wandering Minstrel Anne-Marie Williot & her Accordion

6 pm              TBD 

6:30 pm         Sexual Organs Reflexology Zones talk with Ta Ma Rah

6:45 pm         Orgasmic Freedom class with Nicole Mapu 

7:05 pm         TBD

7:35 pm         Body Prayer with Amy Thomas 

7:45 pm         Sacred Sound     

8:40 pm         Body Prayer with Stacy Klassen

8:55 pm         Closing Ceremony with Joseph Fedorowich

9 pm               HUGS! 

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