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Sacred Sexual Music Festival

APRIL 16, 2023

12 to 8 p.m.

Villa Del Angel
Emiliano Zapato #3
AJIJIC, Jalisco

❤️ A variety of topics!
❤️ A variety of speakers!
❤️ Learn. Experience.

❤️ HUGS Galore!
❤️ "Listeners" to help you process
❤️ Cuddle Corner ALL DAY!
❤️ LGBTQ info 
❤️ Presenters from around the world!

❤️ Community!
❤️ Music and dance to uplift your HEART and SOUL!

Photo by Lung Liu

Access to your truth, your healing, and your power is through your body.


Let our musicians be the catalyst as you shift to align with the truth of

who you are and your most powerful force.

No singing experience required, just a willingness to open the voice, and 

more importantly, open the mind and heart.


Deeply .. Playfully ... 

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