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Eros. Is a gift. It's innocent. As breath.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

APRIL 18, 2021    St. James Community Square  


PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia, Canada

APRIL 25, 2021    Artspace


EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada

Postponed. New date to be announced. 


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada

Postponed. New date to be announced.   


OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada

On Hold.


Welcome to a music festival that

speaks to Sacred Sexuality!


Since it's inception in Vancouver, Canada in the spring of 2018, the

Sacred Sexual Music Festival has served as an

educational, social, and spiritual gathering place

for those who seek to listen deeply, share,

heal, transform, laugh, cry, play, and remember when

our bodies were seen and known as sacred.


The intent of the Festival is to highlight the importance of:


  • healthy, shame-free pleasure

  • education around sexuality

  • conscious divine awareness of our bodies

  • info on tantra and sexual shamanism 

  • healing issues around sexuality

  • respect and honour for our sacred bodies



Sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out.

The exploration of this territory -- consciously and respectfully -- tends to be

liberating and powerful.

By stepping into a higher vibration, with a healing and joy-filled musical backdrop, the Sacred Sexual Music Festival not only

informs that sexuality is to be respected, honoured, and our birthright,

it also normalizes this concept and invites conversation that inspires us to 

create positive change in our communities.



Featuring musical groups such as:


  • Chant Your Heart Open!

  • Sacred Sound

  • Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

  • Will Blunderfield

  • Andrew Kim of Delhi 2 Dublin

  • KIRTAN! with Gershone Hendelberg & Jesse

and more


Expect a day of learning and discovery with

info and workshops such as ... 


  • Embracing Your Primal Side

  • Transgender Stereotypes

  • Sexual Health for Men

  • What's Next for Men? 

  • Wheel of Consent




* Learn and listen to interesting talks on Sexuality

* Embrace Your Primal Side workshop 

* Find info at the Sacred Spot

* Sex and Aging: Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You

* Playing with Power Dynamics demo  

* Open to Wheel of Consent education 

* Learn Blessed Booty Shaking

* Cuddle in a Cuddle Corner with Cuddle EXPERTS

* Take an Exotic Chair Dance class 

* Be hugged 

* Be moved by beautiful music 

* Enjoy community connection 

* Visit vendors with FABULOUS products

and so much more!

The festival is open for anyone and everyone who is interested in conscious sexuality.



Let your heart, mind, and spirit be touched at the Sacred Sexual Music Festival.

The Festival offers a respectful, safe, nurturing space that offers

learning and connecting opportunities ...

All while being beautifully supported by nourishing music.



This year our intent is ...

“Coming into right relationship with self, soul, and earth will create the revolution we are longing for.

The reclamation of Eros (love) is deep feminine medicine for our times."

~ Kate Joyner, Founder of Elemental Eros




Join us for this transformative event.

It's time.



Your donation helps the
Sacred Sexual Music Festival 
achieve its goals.

To contribute to a future where we are more at peace with the power and innocence of sex.
In so doing, suffering is transformed and people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive.

By transforming the way we talk about sex, we introduce a new communication standard that supports sexual well-being.

Providing information, music, and experiences through Sacred Sexual Music Festivals to uplift and help us remember our sacred bodies .. our sacred minds .. our sacred innocence.

Facilitating sexual well-being experiences and services through Sacred Sexual Music Festivals in Vancouver and throughout Canada -- each one dedicated to transforming lives through enhancing sexual well being.


Honour, Care, Respect

Breathe in your essence.




             Your erotic spirit.



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kissing you with musical kindness

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